Setting this up as a Job Board made me aware of the unnecessary complexity this will require. Since this is a non-profit venture, I believe our goal will be best served by avoiding trying to compete with any of the existing Job Boards. Instead, I believe we should focus on being the repository of just the additional personal narrative missing from other systems. We can leave it up to users to decide what to post on their individual profiles. Perhaps we can provide a set of templates to choose from. Personal history, Self Study, Personal References or Testimonials, Accomplishments not normally found on a traditional resume etc.

Users could then use any and all other systems, LinkedIn,, Indeed, Glassdoor, Dice, CareerBuilder etc., while including a link to their profile here in the reference section, i.e. http://Resume.Black/PaulWilliams

The set-up for that structure will be relatively simple and easier to run as a free service. 

For Businesses, the message is that they are denying themselves access to the best employees if all they are doing is comparing apples to apples. People are not apples. What lies beneath the skin is what matters and current systems simply replaced overt racial and gender bias with a systemic form of racism that tends to reward current privilege and reduce social mobility at a cost to business productivity and profits. Smart businesses should want the best “fire tested” employees.  

For Society, the message is that it doesn’t matter as much where one starts, but rather how far one has gotten from that starting place. There is a possibility that this board could become populated with white males who don’t believe their white or maleness has provided them with any advantages, but I suspect the domain name and the detrimental effects on employment from anyone not acknowledging that will dissuade that from happening. The benefits of leaving it open to all will also protect any businesses using the board from charges of “reverse discrimination”. The presence of white users who have perhaps experienced similar struggles and disadvantages will achieve this goal while also serving a unifying function. 

My one concern is that users will feel pressure to tell elaborate stories of struggle or discrimination that they may not feel or know how to tell without fear of being perceived by employers as being a “complainer” or “activist”. Providing sample Resume’s as guides will hopefully relieve that pressure. Ideally, anyone should feel comfortable simply posting that they are a black male or female who has made it as far as their resume indicates in a world filled with obstacles because of their race. 

Conversely, this site will also serve as a discovery point for the kind of inspirational stories of newsworthy significance that will both highlight noteworthy individuals as well as indirectly promote the message and cause this site is dedicated to correct. Our eventual board of directors should possess these qualities and be prepared to share their stories to this end.